A Letter to My Younger Self

A Letter to My Younger Self

Your morals stayed golden,

Your standards were raised.

The ones who doubted you,

Are showing you praise.

Karma came back,

Returned every blessing,

Love, family, and happiness

No wrong doings or envy.

One day you’ll understand

The struggle you went through.

The people who lost you,

Now wish they had kept you.

Your smile is priceless,

Your conversations touch hearts

You’ll make such a difference

You just have to start.

Whether it’s now or later

There’s no need to rush.

Just let people gossip,

They aren’t saying much.

Keep your mind focused

Don’t get too off task

If you ever need help,

Don’t be stubborn, just ask.

You’re made to do amazing things, 

Trust me I know.

Just have good intentions,

Wherever you go.

I’m rooting for you, doll.

I know you’ll be fine.

Just stay in the moment,

And please take your time.



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