About The Founder

Research shows that, on average, 1 in 5 people experience a mental health “episode” yearly. That’s over 40 million people, yet, there’s still an air of judgment and misunderstanding surrounding the topic of mental health.

Seeing as I am medically diagnosed with bipolar, I experience this taboo firsthand every day – and have been for the past 7 years.

My vision is to prove that EVERY woman is capable of starting her own business or blog, no matter her mental ‘state.’ Far too many women suffer in silence, ashamed to share their story or come to terms with who they are. My goal is to help as many women as possible learn how to deal with their mental health issues better, from depression to anxiety, bipolar, and more.

My mission is the share regular posts on business challenges, juggling one’s personal and professional life, and beyond – all while growing from strength to strength. Luxie Blogs is your safe space and community of people who’ve walked in your shoes – and know what it takes to climb out of them. Will you walk with us?